Running the blockchain!ΒΆ

Now is where the fun begins! This example follows the local instalation result. If you are using the docker instalation the only difference is that the PDF files uploaded to the blockchain should be placed inside the files folder of the project. And at the body of the request at the new_transaction endpoint you will write something like:

"file": "files/<name-of-file>.pdf"

Lets start by obtaining a fresh chain. Go to postman and run this endpoint:


You should see something like this:


Now its time to add a new transaction, head to postman again and we go to the endopint and post a transaction as follows:


Lets check now that the transaction has been posted and its pending to be processed:


Now that there is a transaction pending, lets mine it so it is appended into a new block that will be part of the blockchain:


Finally lets see the results! Head to the first endpoint and see the result. A new block has been added and it has our transaction!: